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ARL Crash Investigations

ARL Crash Investigations, LLC is a full-service collision reconstruction company.  We thoroughly investigate and reconstruct crashes involving all types of motor vehicles including crashes in roadway construction zones.

ARL Crash Investigations, LLC

The experts of ARL Crash Investigations have over a combined 100 years of dedicated experience, education and training to provide unmatched professional services in realms inclusive of Crash Reconstruction, Passenger Vehicle Black Box Data Acquisition, Commercial Motor Vehicle ECM Data Acquisition, Commercial Motor Vehicle Federal Regulations, Vehicle Design and Dynamics, Component Failure Analysis, Occupant Kinematics, Vehicle Forensics, and Forensic Brake Analyses.  ARL provides sophisticated 3D forensic animation by implementing forensic scene data and the data of the vehicles involved in the collision.  At the completion of the crash reconstruction, ARL will furnish a written technical/forensic analysis of the collision events, assist by and through consultation, provide clear and concise testimony in any civil or criminal arena. The experts of ARL Crash Investigations are committed to unparalleled professionalism and integrity.

“ARL Crash Investigations –  Simply a Higher Standard

ARL Crash Investigations, LLC

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