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ARL Crash Investigations will forensically measure and photograph the crash scene and extract and interpret associated data from the vehicle’s Crash Data Recorder or Engine Control Module.  ARL’s ASE Certified Master Automotive Technicians, ASE Certified Heavy Truck Technicians and Hydraulic and Air Brake Specialists will forensically inspect, document, and photograph the vehicles involved in the collision, performing a comprehensive forensic brake system component analysis.   ARL has the ability to offer expert opinions and testimony involving Commercial Vehicle Federal Regulations, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, vehicle design and dynamics, as well as component failure analysis and occupant kinematics. Utilizing advanced computer equipment, ARL can conduct acceleration and braking tests of the involved vehicles.  ARL reviews all associated documents from various sources (witness statements, accident reports, medical records) and completes a technical analysis report of the collision events to provide clear expert testimony at hearings and trials.

Additionally, with the training and certification to review and interpret the regulations and traffic control plans, ARL can investigate and reconstruct collisions occurring within roadway work zone areas.

Collision Scene Mapping / Scanning

The collision scene will be forensically documented and photographed, making note of roadway markings and traffic controls, collision evidence, and vehicle locations.

CDR/ECM Extraction & Interpretation

Utilizing advanced equipment, the vehicle’s CDR or ECM will be extracted and interpreted.

Forensic Vehicle Inspection & Brake Analysis

All vehicles will be forensically inspected, documented, and photographed during which a forensic brake analysis will be completed.

Vehicle Braking & Acceleration Testing

The vehicle’s specific acceleration and braking capabilities will be obtained using state of the art computer equipment.

Looking for operator/vehicle/company compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards?
ARL experts are the answer!

Looking to see if this crash was attributable to tire failure, brake failure, or unwarranted acceleration?
ARL experts are the answer!

3D Animation

A sophisticated 3D forensic animation will be created by implementing forensic scene data and the data of the vehicles involved.

CMV Regulations

After mechanically inspecting commercial motor vehicles, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are reviewed, interpreted, and applied to the collision reconstruction.

Occupant Kinematics

Collision forces are analyzed and applied to the individuals involved in the crash.

Vehicle Dynamics & Design

The experts of ARL will confirm or dispel unwarranted questions of component failure and associated product liability.

Looking for analysis of proper commercial vehicle operation?
ARL experts are the answer!

Looking for commercial vehicle load securement compliance?
ARL experts are the answer!

Roadway Work Zone Area Collisions

Traffic Work Zone regulations and plans are analyzed to ensure proper placement on the roadway and applied to the collision events at the scene.

Review Documents

All available documents and reports from police, witnesses, medical personnel, and other sources, will be examined and analyzed.

Complete Report

Upon completion of the reconstruction, ARL will provide a written technical analysis of the collision.

Expert Testimony

Clear and concise testimony will be presented in any criminal or civil proceeding.

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